Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It is a long time since I posted a blog, but as a dyslexic words take me time and I seemed to be short of that commodity lately.

But I could not let Lostwithiel's arts and crafts festival pass without talking about it. It was truly wonderful; as I manned my post at 8am at the churchrooms ready to receive the craft stall holders the sky was blue with a gentle breeze, and this worried me. Would this mean people would forgo our inland town for the beach? Would we the organizers, stall holders, musicians, dancers and food preparers have toiled, some of us for the best part of a year, in vain? But as Mike so confidently quoted from the movie, 'build it and they will come', and they did, thousands of them. What a great, exhausting day, someone came in the shop to buy their usual Quinoa and fair trade coffee and said as they walked down our main street they saw a children's brass band, a one man band with a huge crowd around him, tap dancers and flutists. And this went on all afternoon. The mayor's parade started the day off with the town brass band, we had samba bands, drummers, harmoniarists, someone with a dulcima plus guitars and other stringed instroments. The suport we got from FLEET, who were our charity this year, were fantastic, our printed programme was essential and let everone know what was happening when, and I am grateful to all the businesses in the town who suported its production. Some shops were decorated with flags and balloons and a festive feel filled the town, everyone I have spoken too had a great day and already look forward to the next. So if anyone reading this fancies a weekend in Cornwall next spring, look on our town's web site to find our which weekend the festival will be, it is well worth the travel.

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